Accommodation: (Max. 20 x cats)20160109_133732_resized
The main accommodation is what's known as 'semi-communal'. Cats out of their own social circle (ie neutral territory) will often 'buddy-up' during their stay, singling out another of similar character and then just 'hang-out' together. (Sooo cute!)

The Downton Apartments:
All cats are allocated an amply, spacious 'apartment' upon arrival:

Single Apartments (1.2m x .65m): 1 cat
Double Apartments (walk-in height): suitable 2-3 cats from same family
Self Contained Suite (own spacious indoor and outdoor area): suitable up to 4 cats from same family.

After checking in and given time to settle, our little guests are then free to mix and mingle, indoors or outdoors. In the evening, cats are tucked back up into their own apartment, where they can eat their scrumcious evening meal, and curl up on a large, comfy cushion. For 'creature comforts', each apartment has a private, partitioned WC.

Indoor/Outdoor play and rest areas:
Beautiful indoors area for stretching, scratching, schnoozing, and schmooching. Windows looking across the meadows, shelves and baskets and a charming chaise longue. Wonderful outdoors 'catio' – as big as a ballroom! Watch the world and the birds go by from a viewing platform, climb a tree trunk, stretch out under the sun umbrella....

Fresh from Mrs Peake's Pantry! Royal Canin (fit for royalty) is the dry food of choice at Downton Tabby (available continuously throughout the day for those who prefer to snack). Evening meal menus include a variety of delicious wet & dry food, popular choices from Fancy Feast and Dine, and for the true little carnivores, chopped, fresh beef. Food is always served at room temperature, never chilled!!

Music: Michael Buble` (well what cat doesn't like Buble`??)
Live Acts: Teddy & the Pacas; Mr Mauve & the Cacklers; Banjo & the Baah-raa-tones.