Single and Double Sleep Apartments: $14 per night per cat.
Self Contained Suite: 1 x cat $20 per night; 2 x Cats $35 per night; 3 x cats $45 per night


Mon-Sat. 8.30am – 11.00am: 4.00pm – 6.30pm
Sunday 9.30am – 11.00am: 4.30pm – 6.00pm


Please phone or email Donna to check availability for the period you want your cat cared for by Downton Tabby.

So we can get to know our little guest/s prior to arrival, please print out the booking form (PDF format), fill in the relevant information, then sign and date. Either scan and email the booking form back to Downton Tabby or pop it in the post.


If your cat/s has previously stayed at Downton Tabby then no need to fill in the booking form again, just email or telephone dates required along with arrival/departure times. If there are any changes we need to know about ie. medication, diet etc, please advise Donna. (Please check Vaccination dates, you may need to renew).

Your 'Check List' prior to arrival at Downton Tabby:

1. VACCINATIONS: Your cat must be fully vaccinated at least 10 days prior to check-in at Downton Tabby. If the vaccination coverage period is due to expire during, or less than 2 weeks after your cat's stay at Downton Tabby, then you will need to vaccinate PRIOR to the check-in date. Please consult with your vet if you are unsure. Vaccination record book must be brought with you on date of check-in. Or, scanned and emailed prior to date of check-in. Donna will confirm by return email.

2. FLEA & WORM: Up to date Flea and Worm treatment (given at least 7 days, but no longer than 5 weeks prior to arrival).

3. MEDICATION: if your cat is currently on meds please ensure you bring these along with veterinary instructions.

4. SPECIAL DIET: if your cat is on medicated food or has special dietry requirements please bring ADEQUATE food with you.

5. HOME COMFORTS & TOYS: If your cat has a favourite blanket, soft bed (washable) or toy, please feel free to bring this along, as this can help to settle our new litte guest.

6. TRAVEL CAGE: Please bring your cat in a suitable travel cage, if we have room we are more than happy to store this for you during your cat's stay.


Download Booking Form