The love of cats has been the driving force behind the establishment of my cattery. For many years I worked as a volunteer at the Auckland SPCA, and was involved with the Cats' Protection League in Christchurch. I have also had hands-on experience in a veterinary clinic, back in the 'good-old days' when I was taken on as a 'weekend nurse', no experience required, just a good, keen attitude and a love of animals.

When my husband John, and I moved up from Christchurch to Auckland after the earthquakes our mission was to find a rural property on the outskirts of Auckland. One of the main priorities was somewhere that would be suitable for a future cattery, we found our purr-fect property at 12 Jeff Road, Mangatawhiri.

We have the priviledge of sharing our home with three family felines. All of different breed, age and character. Firstly Tula, our 'elderly kitten', an SPCA special from 15 years ago. In character I would compare her with 'Mrs Hughes' the housekeeper from Downton Abbey. Not a mean bone in that wee cat's body. Then, we have Little Bee, the wayward ragdoll. Definitely a 'Lady Mary', headstrong, hoity, the challenge is learning how to win her approval! Lastly but by no means least, dear Alfie our Bengal boy. Youthful and devilishly handsome, he's got to be the wicked butler 'Thomas'! But like Thomas in Downton Abby, Alfie has turned a new leaf, no longer the 'fiendish curtain-climber', now he's just our big, purry, darling.

We love those cats to bits, they are our children and play a huge part in our lives, as do yours to you. I consider it an honour to be trusted with their care and wellbeing and have committed heart and soul to being a full-time 'cattery mum'. My mission is to provide the best care for every cat that stays at Downton Tabby in terms of health, happiness and safety. As a perfectionist by nature, my cattery will always be 'work in progress', to be continually improved upon where ever possible.

If you are considering using a cattery in the future, I invite you to visit Downton Tabby where you will be most welcome. I would love to show you around and have a chat about your cat and how we can provide best care. Give me a call and I will be happy to arrange a time to suit.